• The rates of pay.
  • The processes, administration and costs involved.
  • The role of intermediaries and third party recruitment agencies.

Demystifying the supply teacher industry.

This report looks into the current state of play across the country in regards to schools' use of supply teachers. Primary sourced information is then introduced from data collected across Hampshire schools.

The Background

Part 1

A series of four summarised reports based on a detailed research project on the use of supply teachers across Hampshire.


Part 4

The Solution

The final summary will draw on all three of the previous pieces in an attempt to provide an academically viable solution to the education sector in regards to sourcing cover staff.

What’s Inside

About the Writer

I have always been heavily involved within the education sector, as a qualified teacher, a PGCE student and as a supply teacher. Because of this I am extremely passionate about enhancing it in any way possible.
Through this academic research, supported by membership to the Hampshire Enterprise Circle, I endeavour to demystify this often forgotten element of education.
It is vital that both the schools and supply teachers are conscious to the ‘grey areas’ within this middle ground between the public and private sectors.


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What does the data say? How much do schools user supply teachers? How much does a supply teacher cost? Both quantitative and qualitative data will be compared to the nationwide literature in an attempt to produce trends within the information.

The Results from Schools

Part 2
Do the figures match up between schools and supply teachers? How much does a supply teacher receive as daily pay? Do supply staff prefer to use third parties to source work? This mixture of numerical and anecdotal information will be discussed in line with the data sourced from schools.

The Results from Supply Teachers

Part 3

David Hampton-Trim

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This report is the result of hundreds of interviews across schools and supply teachers within the Hampshire region and provide insight to:

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